EVP = Electronic Voice Phenomena



EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) is also known as ghost voice imprint.  It is the term used to describe unexpected voices that are occasionally found on recording media. (Unexpected sounds are not EVP).






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Below are EVPs that were recorded on recent investigations.   *Note* First four EVPs repeat x 2 at the end of the sound file.  Click on the EVP # to hear the audio.  Please email us if you hear something different than what we do, or if you would like to submit an EVP for analysis, or for us to use on the website.


EVP #1     After the investigator is heard saying, "Talk to me," you can hear a faint whisper saying   I can hear you      (Birds are chirping in the background.  Two clicks are from the digital camera. Immediately after that, you hear the faint EVP)

 EVP #2     The investigators asked the homeowner if she had experienced any paranormal activity in the bathroom. She responded that she was in the bathroom when she heard, through the closed door, a child's voice calling Mommy. The investigator then asked if she heard anything in the adjoining bedroom. In the pause before she responded, you can hear the child telling us   I didn't come in

 EVP #3     As the homeowners and investigators took a few moments to play with the residents' dog, a voice is heard saying   Muddle    (Note: the dog's name is Toby)

EVP #4     Apparently playing a game of hide and seek with the investigators, the spirit of the boy is heard to respond   In the closet

 EVP #5    After being told that the investigator left a toy car on the floor for a child's spirit to play with, the spirit is heard saying    Play with it?    (The EVP is heard after 2 footsteps and immediately after a 'rustling' sound)

 EVP #6  The sound of a child saying what sounds like Walker, get in the sleigh or Walker, come this way.  Thanks to Kim Brooks and family in Byram, Mississippi

 EVP #7  A woman's voice is heard telling children in the home  You needn't shout   Thanks to Kim Brooks and family in Byram, Mississippi

 EVP #8 FILTERED EVP Recorded at Mansfield Reformatory: In answer to the question, What is your name, a man's voice is heard answering  Michael

 EVP #9  EVP recorded at Frostville Museum.  Could possibly be a female voice saying Carry him.  ?

 EVP #10  Apparently, a spirit didn't take kindly to having the investigator use a certain tone with him.  Right before this clip, the investigator said, "Fine. You don't wanna speak with me? Then I'm going down stairs."  In the following clip, the investigator is walking away, mumbling. You can hear the spirit's response to her, Shut up! Shut ... up ... you ... f*ing ... bitch!. 

 EVP #11  In response to the question, "Why are you in this house?" the spirit replied, Carrie... I can't breathe  or  Can't.... I can't leave  ?

 EVP #12 Recorded in a private residence, we hear a female voice whisper, I just can't live with it"

  EVP #13 Recorded in the same private residence, in a period of extended silence, We'll get it was clearly heard on the recording.

 EVP #14  Same residence, the investigator said, "The little sucker just drained my battery".  Admitting to the deed, the ghosts reply, Yup. We did

 EVP #15 Same residence as previous 3 EVPs, we hear two voices in this recording. There seems to be a child saying, "I love you" then a male voice quickly saying, "Come over here" at the same time a child lisps, "I'm over here

 EVP #16 Sent from a website visitor, this seems to say, "I messed up bad" or perhaps, "I miss you Brad"

  EVP #17  deleted

   EVP # 18 Golden Anchor: One investigator's dowsing rods crossed as another investigator's compass froze; First investigator says, "There's somebody standing right here" 2nd investigator agrees.. then you hear  Breathing  This is the original, unedited recording.

  EVP #19 Golden Anchor: Recorded on one of the video cameras, this might possibly be "Eema (or Mother), come back to me"  Heard HERE in original form (warning: may be loud)

 EVP #20 Golden Anchor:  This sound (hard-soled shoes walking on a wooden floor) was captured in a room where there was only carpeting on the floor. This is the original unedited recording.

   EVP #21 Golden Anchor:  Recorded on one of the video cameras, as 2 investigators walked in front of the video camera "Hey... Over There!"  Heard HERE in original form (warning: may be loud) 

   EVP # 22 Golden Anchor: The investigator comments that she is going into the bar area. A man's voice is heard telling someone, "She can't see us" Heard HERE in original form (warning: may be loud) 

  EVP #23 Golden Anchor: The investigator says "Tell us why you're here" to which the ghost replies, "Tell us.... why" Heard HERE in original form (warning: may be loud)

 EVP # 24 Golden Anchor:  Again, 2 investigators walk by the video camera before a voice is heard asking, "Where did they go?"  Heard HERE in original form (warning: may be loud) 

 EVP #25 Golden Anchor:  "Help me"  Heard HERE in original form (yes... it may be loud)

 EVP # 26 Century Tavern: When a question is asked regarding slaves running away, a response is heard, "Good God"

  EVP # 27 Century Tavern:  Walking down the steps to the basement, one investigator called out "Hello" before another investigator stated that she was walking down the stairs. Before the word 'stairs', listen for a spirit to answer "Hello"

  EVP # 28 Century Tavern: With the recorder left in the basement, this EVP was heard in a period of extended silence. It sounds like 2 people speaking, "Might be"  "Cool"

 EVP # 29 05-05-06 Mansfield Reformatory (East cell block - bottom level): The investigators heard a rock being thrown before we hear this whispered EVP that sounds like "Why?"

  EVP # 30 05-05-06 Mansfield Reformatory (East cell block - bottom level): One minute after the previous EVP, a cell door is heard closing. If you've ever been to Mansfield, you know that, even if the old, rusty cell doors were to close, they wouldn't sound this 'clean'.

EVP #31 06-10-06  Business in Put-in-Bay, Ohio. Unknown answer to investigator's question.

 EVP #32 07-19-06  Business in Avon, Ohio. Unclear voice

 EVP #33 07-19-06  Business in Avon, Ohio. The investigator forgot one of her cameras. She said, "You have no idea how upset it makes me." Apparently some one did, as they replied, "Yeah, I do."

 EVP #34 07-19-06  Business in Avon, Ohio. Sounds like, "Mmm, Boots". No one was wearing boots on the investigation.

Class A  EVP #35 CLASS A EVP! The parents reported that their child had been talking to and playing with "someone" in his room.  The investigator asked him, "Who is the other person you talk to?" Before he answered, you hear a child whisper what sounds like "I don't know."

Lorain Group Group of EVPs from residence in Lorain County.  Click on each number below to hear the EVPs. Next to each number is a brief description of what we hear.

 35  Black boot    36  ? after "what is your name?"    37   Coo and sigh     38  (audio deleted)     39  Mmm     40  'Scuze me    41  ? sound    42  In answer to the investigator's question, 'Where are you?'  "I'm right here"     43  (male) What? (female) Children    44  Help me    45  Scream!  

 46  Ghost told me her name was "Cheney" right after I said, "Mrs.....?" and before I said, "What was her name?"

 47  Ghost didn't like the song. You hear a breathy "no" at the end.  

 48   Investigator counting.  After she says "Five" listen for young child (very quietly) saying "Six"

 Marshallville group Group of EVPs from residence in Marshallville. Click on each number below to hear the EVPs. Next to each number is a brief description of what we hear.

49 With the investigators and homeowners in the basement (you can hear us in the background), an unattended recorder upstairs picked up what sounds like, "Herbie" (preceded by a click and followed by an unknown odd sound).

50 An investigator asked if there was anyone there. You can hear a child's voice answer, "Uh huh" faintly.

51 An investigator asked if the ghost was tied (attached) to something in the home. Near the end you can hear "Mmm"

52  Several seconds before this clip, it was asked, "Is there something of yours here in the house?"  We hear a male voice say, "Want my cookie" PLEASE email us if you hear something different.

53 and 54 were captured on two different recorders (one analog and one digital) at the same time. We think it's pretty clear that it's water that he wants... but why?

55 Residence in Medina Line. Very faint EVP caught on video. 

56 "Mommy"   You hear the investigators walking as this EVP was captured in a home in Jefferson, Ohio

sounds are not EVPs (V = voice)57 Unknown sounds at 5 and 8 seconds (and bullfrogs in background) 

58   Investigator asked if there were too many baby dolls in the room. The answer was "No"

59 UPDATED:  Thank you participants in the March 2008 seminar.  They agreed that the EVP says, "The dog did it", not "doctor" Unrelated to investigators' discussion, someone said what sounds like, "Doctor"

  60 Eastlake, Ohio. Investigator was opening a closet door. We hear, "Be quiet" followed by the sound of the closet door, then "Shut it"

61 Clinton, Ohio.  An investigator laughed and made a comment about another's noisy camera, when the voice of little girl says, "Let's go"

The following audio clips were captured during a residential investigation in Elyria, Ohio:  62 Ethan   63 Got it   64 Got it (again) hey guys   65 Hey   

66  Captured by 2 recorders  a) "Let go"  b)"Let go"

 67  "Ok"     68  "Yes" captured by 3 recorders  a) "Yeesss" b) "Yeesss" c) "Yeesss" 

69 " Hi-h-hi" (child?)   70 "Michael"   71 "Water" (interestingly, this is the 3rd case, in which a 'water' EVP was recorded) 


NEWThe following audio clips were obtained on various investigations

72 A moan   73 unknown whisper   74 another unknown sound  

75  Ravenna  "Hey, That's not nice"

76  Painesville: In answer to, 'Are you afraid of 3 women?'  "No"

77 Painesville:  Recorder left on counter as investigators left room. 

78 Lagrange:  In answer to 'Do you like the bird that flies around in this house?" at :09 you hear  "Nope"

79 Lagrange: Investigator reached for the pet bird. The bird flew away.  The investigator said, "I didn't mean to make you mad, Bird." The homeowner said, "Oh, she does that," at the same time you hear a voice say, "I'm speaking too, alright?!"

80 Lagrange:  The homeowners had reported a sound like someone knocking on tin.  During the investigation, the investigator said, "How 'bout making that sound like... tin." 

81 Lagrange:  Homeowner was telling the investigator about something that happened. Before the investigator says, "Oh, cool." You hear an EVP call him a liar.

82 and 83 Lakewood:  Again someone asks for water. Twice!! (see #s 53, 54, and 71)


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