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Paranormal Researchers of Ohio


We are a Christian-based organization, located in Northeast Ohio, dedicated to the research and investigation of paranormal activities, and educating the public about ghosts and the field of the paranormal. We research claims of hauntings, ghost sightings, and other purportedly paranormal activities. In addition, we assist other paranormal agencies with their investigations and research.    Read More by clicking here

By: Kristyn Gartland, Case Manager, TAPS, Ghost Hunters

I personally have investigated with PRO and let me tell you...they are professional!  They take the clients' needs first!  They make sure all of their investigators are trained properly prior to investigating!   They take an approach often what others don't! Not only do I stand by them professionally, I stand by them as friends!

Love you guys...can't wait to see you again!

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DO NOT pay for a course that promises to "certify" you in a field for which there is no certification! (Certified: Endorsed authoritatively as having met certain requirements). There is no "formal” schooling required to become a paranormal investigator.  There is no requirement that a person obtain a certain level of education prior to embarking on paranormal studies.  It is only necessary that you have an interest in the paranormal, a respect for all people (living and dead), a quest to seek answers, a desire to help, and an open mind!

There are many organizations offering “certification”, but you would be well advised to steer clear of them.  In reality, there is no such thing as a degree or certification of paranormal studies, and there is no such thing as a “Certified Paranormal Investigator”; and those who use those terms or put initials after their names are sciolists. These people are an embarrassment to reputable investigators.  They often intentionally misrepresent their true intentions, charge the client to perform research and investigations, disregard clients' confidentiality, and/or betray their trust.  The founders and instructors of these 'institutions' should be ashamed of themselves for taking money for this deliberately deceptive practice.

The available on-line and correspondence courses in unconventional studies are offered by non accredited institutionsThe so-called textbooks required for these so-called courses are easily obtainable from any library or bookstore.  All of the information received in these courses (which cost $500 or more) is readily available for free on the internet, or by contacting other investigators, reading books, or attending a seminar presented by a qualified and ethical paranormal group willing to share their knowledge.  

Honorable paranormal investigators do not set a price for the investigations they perform.  As such, donations or travel-expense reimbursements are greatly appreciated. 

Although there is a great deal of useful information available on the internet and in books, Paranormal Investigations is a hands-on field, which cannot be fully learned through an on-line class, and for which there are no set educational criteria. 

That being said, read everything you can - but do not believe everything you read.  And, whatever you do, DO NOT pay for a bogus course that promises to "certify" you in a field for which there is no certification.


Thank you Deadframe Paranormal!



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